Hello! My name is Dmitry Prokashev. I am a programmer.

  My area of interest lies in front-end development,  user interfaces
  and user experience. My objective is to discover the most efficient
  ways of building the interaction between human and computer.

                                                      asvd0 @ twitter
                                                       asvd @ github

  Some of my projects:

    - microlight, highlights code in any programming language
      (in 2.2k, without additional language packages or styles)

    - intence, a scrolling indicator and a scrollbar replacement
      (conceptual experiment on representing scrolling alternatively)

    - jailed, secure sandbox for untrusted code in browser / node.js
      (with a killer feature to export methods back and forth)

    - viewport, tracks scrolling position in deep details
      (in order to create a powerful and interactive navigation menu)

    - naturalScroll, programatically scrolls the area in a natural way
      (starts and finishes the animation with zero speed and acceleration)

  Smaller experiments:

    - invoke, declare a function on a server, directly call it in a browser

    - dragscroll, scroll an area with a mouse drag

    - syncscroll, scroll two or more areas simultaneously

    - hands-on for atom, puts navigation keys under the right hand

    - Dvorak for Programmers with European Keys, a keyboard layout

  Others write about my projects:

    - Lazy Syntax Highlighting for Ghost with Microlight.js
      blog.natsumihoshino.com on microlight

    - Code besser lesbar machen
      t3n.de on microlight

    - Jailed JavaScript library runs untrusted code safely in browsers
      infoworld.com on jailed

    - JavaScript Scroll by Dragging
      qnimate.com on dragscroll